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May 2007
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Continued from here.

Wesley gasped when Giles pulled him down over him, kissing him deeply. He continued to move inside him, still slow. Part of him wanted to make this last as much as he wanted to be certain that he didn't hurt Giles. Especially since he could feel Giles' cock between them. Oh God. He had never imagined how unbelievable this would feel, especially face-to-face.

He found himself also wanted to know what it would feel like this way with Giles in him.

Burying his head against Giles' shoulder, he began speeding up his thrusts at his urging, pulling back and pushing back into him. Each movement caused his balls to tighten, and he could feel himself rubbing across Giles' cock each time since they were so tightly wrapped together. He kept moving faster and harder, the need in his stomach and the pleasure building inside him driving him as much as Giles' words.

"Oh, God," he groaned.

Sweat rolled down his temple, and he could feel his muscles beginning to tremble. He pushed hard in Giles one last time, feeling him clench around him as warm stickiness hit his stomach. Just then, his own orgasm rolled over him, white light exploding behind his eyes. As he cried out against Giles' shoulder, his cock throbbed violently inside him for several moments.

"Bloody...bloody hell," he gasped as his body slowly began to settle. "Are you...was that...are you all right?"

He knew he should move, but right then, he found himself not wanting to let the other man go.

Current Location: Giles' bedroom
Current Mood: giddygiddy

"I'd say...this was probably a younger member of the clan who didn't agree with the way they did things, especially when it came to relations with others. A very eloquent younger member, though," Wesley said, scanning the text again. The words seemed to burn into his memory, and he knew that it would likely be a long time before he forgot them. If ever.

He finally lifted his eyes up when he felt Giles moving, just in time for his lips to be caught in a deep kiss. Wesley moaned softly as his heart started beating faster. He couldn't remember any of his previous kisses being like this - there was something amazing about them, something he couldn't put his finger on. After they parted, he let Giles take the scroll and put it safely away. Though he was a bit sad to let it go, just having been able to hold it and read it had been enough.

"I--I should be thanking you," Wesley started to protest at Giles' thanks before he was pulled forward by his braces. He shuddered as he spoke of finding love, wondering if this could be what he was finding. It was so soon, but this was so unlike anything he had ever experienced before. This man understood the life he had led, the work he did, how he felt. "I think it might be..."

Once the braces were off his shoulders and arms, he wrapped his arms under Giles', returning his kisses. He couldn't think of anything else except wanting to be with this man, feel his touch again. He ran his hands over his back and down to the waistband of his trousers.

"I've...I can truly say, I've never met anyone like you before," he said softly against his lips. "I don't know what it is, but I don't think I've ever wanted to with anyone the way I want to be with you now."