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May 2007
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Continued from here.

Wesley gasped when Giles pulled him down over him, kissing him deeply. He continued to move inside him, still slow. Part of him wanted to make this last as much as he wanted to be certain that he didn't hurt Giles. Especially since he could feel Giles' cock between them. Oh God. He had never imagined how unbelievable this would feel, especially face-to-face.

He found himself also wanted to know what it would feel like this way with Giles in him.

Burying his head against Giles' shoulder, he began speeding up his thrusts at his urging, pulling back and pushing back into him. Each movement caused his balls to tighten, and he could feel himself rubbing across Giles' cock each time since they were so tightly wrapped together. He kept moving faster and harder, the need in his stomach and the pleasure building inside him driving him as much as Giles' words.

"Oh, God," he groaned.

Sweat rolled down his temple, and he could feel his muscles beginning to tremble. He pushed hard in Giles one last time, feeling him clench around him as warm stickiness hit his stomach. Just then, his own orgasm rolled over him, white light exploding behind his eyes. As he cried out against Giles' shoulder, his cock throbbed violently inside him for several moments.

"Bloody...bloody hell," he gasped as his body slowly began to settle. "Are you...was that...are you all right?"

He knew he should move, but right then, he found himself not wanting to let the other man go.

Current Location: Giles' bedroom
Current Mood: giddygiddy

Giles groaned as they continued to kiss. He wanted it to last forever but knew they would need air eventually. When they pulled away, and Wesley started to speak, Giles smiled. He ran his fingertips over the other man's cheek and started to lean in for another kiss, when the kettle started to whistle. "Horrible timing," he said, shaking his head. He gave Wesley another quick kiss before going to the stove to take the kettle off.

He made the cups of tea, and after they'd steeped, he handed one of the cups to Wesley and motioned for him to follow him to the sitting room. "We can start dinner in a bit. I usually like to have a cuppa before I cook," Giles explained as he sat the tea cup on the coffee table. He then sat down and pick up the cup before taking a sip.

"Not bad. I'll have to thank her on Monday for giving it to me. The last time she'd given me too, I believe it was something Americans pass off as it," Giles said with a small chuckle.

Reaching up, he loosened his tie a little and leaned back on the couch. "I received the most interesting scroll today," he said as he glanced at the other man. "The man who gave it to us said it was Latin but it's far from Latin. From what I could tell, I think it's in ancient L'Teki. Of course I don't have many language texts. Perhaps after dinner you could take a quick look at it," he said as he shrugged a little.

Wesley's breath hitched when Giles started to lean again, wondering if they might just end up skipping dinner, before the kettle went off. Instead, he found himself receiving a smaller kiss before the other man moved away. Wesley's hand trailed up to his lips, and he smiled.

Once the tea was ready, he took the cup Giles handed him, following him out into the other room to sit down. There was something...quite lovely about all this. Having someone to sit with a talk to, not being alone like he usually was every night when he left the Council.

"It is quite a nice blend, actually," he agreed as he sipped from his cup. He had never tasted an American blend before, so he couldn't say anything about Giles' remark regarding that. Instead, he tried not to stare at him loosening his tie, remembering what had happened the night before.

"A...a L'Teki scroll?" he asked, his eyes widening somewhat in amazement. "I thought that they all had been destroyed long ago. If it's a L'Teki scroll, it would be...absolutely amazing."

The idea of seeing such a scroll, of actually getting to read it, filled Wesley with a bit of giddiness. He knew that if such a scroll had ended up with the Council, only the top members would ever have got to see it. And here, Giles was offering to let him take a look at it.

"I'd...I would like to look at the scroll if you'd let me," he told him before taking another sip of his tea. He paused for a moment. A L'Teki scroll. A Pugliato. "How in the world do you manage to get your hand on some of these things? I know that some of the members of the Council would..." Kill? The context of that world considering what he now knew about how the Council did things made his shudder. "I know they'd do almost anything to get their hands on them."

Giles couldn't help but to smile at Wesley's eagerness and wonderment over the scroll. He cleared his throat, knowing he should say something. "I rather hope I'm right. It's been quite a while since I've done any real translations. There's a chance I'm off," he said as he stood from the couch. "As for how I got it, I have a contact that gets things...illegally...and he usually gives them to me. I've handed a few over to the Council but have kept a few. Let me fetch it for you."

He walked out of the room and hurried over to where he'd sat he bag. Opening it, he carefully took the scroll, making sure to pick it up by the wooden handles. The paper was old and he didn't want to touch it, knowing the acid from his fingers could ruin it even more. He then stepped into the small room that was his studied and retrieved a pair of gloves for Wesley to use. They had been developed by a local scientist to be used when handling fragile papers.

Giles walked back to the sitting room and carefully moved the tea cups over and gently placed the scroll on the table. "I don't know if the Council uses gloves like these," he said as he sat back down and handed a pair to Wesley. "I got them through the museum. They protect older documents." He then pulled his pair on and looked over at the other man. "Why don't you open the scroll and we can both look at it. I'm sure you'll be able to tell me if I'm right or not."

He knew they still had dinner to make but Giles figured they would do this first, and make dinner later.

Wesley raised his eyebrows as Giles told him how he had obtained the scroll, wondering exactly what illegally entailed. He wanted to ask if the Council knew about that since it didn't seem they had many problems with less that...moral ways of doing things, but he didn't get a chance as Giles left the room, saying he would fetch the scroll.

Suddenly, he felt a bit nervous. A L'Teki scroll. He was quite possibly about to see a L'Teki scroll, something all of the linguists in the Council would love to have the chance at. He found himself rubbing his palm against the fabric of his trousers nervously.

When Giles returned, he took the gloves from him, examining them for a moment. "We use gloves, but I don't believe they're anything like this," he said as he put them on. They felt like nothing he had ever worn before either then looked over at the other man again, taking a deep a breath.

Reaching over, he carefully picked up the scroll, trying to keep his hands from shaking from anxiety. He cursed himself softly as he unrolled it, his eyes scanning over the writing. It was a beautiful.

"The...it indeed appears to be L'Teki. I recognize the word construction and verb conjugation." He sucked in a breath, realizing the magnitude of this moment. He was holding in his hands a scroll thought to have been destroyed long ago. And Giles had willingly let him hold it without continually badgering him to be careful. He trusted him, he realized. This man actually trusted him.

Reading over the words, Wesley frowned as he tried to make sense of what had been written. He then smiled and looked over at Giles. "It's a love sonnet," he said with a soft chuckle. "The L'Teki were apparently quite the romantics."