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May 2007
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Rupert Giles [userpic]

Contined from here

For a brief moment, Giles wondered if he'd overstepped his boundary with Wesley. After all, some people took offense to being asked if they were seeing anybody. He was about to tell Wesley to forget he even asked but before the words came out, Wesley was stumbling through an answer. A girl - of course Wesley dated girls. And why wouldn't he? Not everyone ran away and dabbled in sexual relations with women and men.

Suddenly, Wesley was talking about some bloke by the name of Alex. Giles couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at that. Perhaps he'd been wrong about the man beside him. He carefully listened to everything Wesley said, nodding his head, knowing Roger would have a problem with it. Most of the elders at the Council were homophobic by nature. Giles didn't know if it was because they wanted heirs or if it was because the lot of them were wankers.

After Wesley had finished talking, Giles leaned back on the sofa and nodded again. "Someone should write a book about not getting involved with girls at school. I met a lovely girl at Oxford and she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. It lasted for a few months before she decided she rather have some bloke on the cricket team." He chuckled at that and shook his head.

"When I left Oxford and came to London, I met a bloke." He could never bring himself to say Ethan's name. "It was different from my relationship before - less loving," he said with a small shrug. "But, I do suppose it doesn't matter anymore. It's not like men and women are breaking down my door in order to have a date. I've given up on the notice I'll ever find anyone to make me happy."

He glanced over at Wesley and patted his knee. It was another bold move but Giles figured Wesley wouldn't mind. "You, on the other hand, are still young and I'm sure you'll find someone to be with," he said. Giles suddenly realized he was being rather negative and he sighed. "I must apologize for that. It's just...sometimes I wonder if I've given up too much for the Council. I can't even remember the last time I've had this nice of a conversation."

Giles then lifted his hand off Wesley's knee and looked at him for a moment. He wanted to touch him to show how much he appreciated the company the other man was providing. Yet, there was still a small part of him that didn't want to run Wesley off. Pushing his doubts aside, Giles reached up and cupped Wesley's face. "Thank you for coming over. I've enjoyed myself," he said as he looked into Wesley's eyes and slowly ran his thumb over his cheekbone.

Current Mood: blankUnsure

Wesley had never told anyone else about Alex before. He didn't like to think about it really because the whole situation and break-up had been so much messier than what he had even managed to tell Giles. He had wanted to stay with Alex despite his father's disgust, but in the end, he hadn't been strong enough. What his father wanted, he got, so all Wesley had been able to do was stand there and watch Alex walk out of his life.

Melanie's leaving had been difficult, but that moment had been excruciating. And he had tried to think about love or getting involved with someone - either a woman or a man - since then.

He listened as Giles spoke about not dating women during school, wondering for a moment if he had said too much by mentioning Alex. Of course, like so many people, he probably didn't want to hear about such a relationship. After all, William's comment in the library had obviously embarrassed him, causing him to retreat to the workroom, so why...

Before he could complete his thought, however, Giles had moved on from talking about the girl he had once been with to...a man. Wesley wondered exactly what had happened between him and the other bloke given his tone. He wanted to ask, but didn't feel it was his place, especially when he seemed to close up that topic by implying that he had pretty much given up on finding someone.

"You shouldn't..." he started to say just as Giles' hand patted his knee, causing him to suck in another breath. "I...I know what you mean. It's not often that...that I can actually talk to someone like this. Council members are exactly open to each other. I thought that was fine and right...until tonight."

He was about to say thank you again when Giles suddenly cupped his palm to his cheek, thanking him and caressing his skin. And in that moment, Wesley felt the same way he had when Alex had looked at him and touched him, wanting to press himself into that touch. It was almost overwhelming. Especially the way Giles' green eyes locked with his.

"You're...you're welcome," he whispered. Part of him was scared of where this might be going, of what might happen if his father were to find out what he was thinking at that moment. But his hand reached up to cover Giles'. "Thank you for not leaving me out in the rain."

Part of Giles thought he should move his hand. He was rather sure he was being too forward and should pull his hand away but he suddenly felt Wesley's hand on top of his. He looked at him for a long moment and nodded his head. "I couldn't leave you in the rain, Wesley," he quietly said before he swiped his tongue over his own lips.

He had no idea what he was doing, or if he should even do it. They were so close and Giles wanted to know what Wesley tasted like. He wanted to kiss him, but didn't know if he should. It was obvious Wesley didn't mind being touched since his hand was on top of Giles', but was that a signal for more? Giles wished such things as kissing another man was easier.

"Wesley, I..." He didn't know what he wanted to say and took a deep breath, and decided there was nothing more he could say.

Taking a deep breath, Giles moved forward and brushed his lips against Wesley's. He then moved a little closer and tilted his head. His lips found Wesley's again and he held the kiss for a moment before pulling back. "Was, um, was that all right?" he asked as he continued to look at the other man.

Wesley stopped breathing again for a moment as he watched Giles' tongue licked his lips. He found himself wondering what it would be like to feel those lips against his, to let that tongue in his mouth. He knew his mind was running away with itself, but he couldn't help it. It was as though he had wound himself up so tight, refused to let himself wonder or just be for so long, that now that he had relaxed, now that he was outside of his normal comfort zone, he couldn't stop anything. It was coming at him too fast.

And it seemed he craved it. For once, he didn't want to have to worry about what someone else thought or if it was the right thing because he had learned just that night that the right thing didn't ensure anything. For once, he wanted to just go with whatever happened. Forget right. Forget his father. Forget everything but the fact that he wanted to be right here, right now.

When Giles tried to speak, Wesley looked at him, wondering what he wanted to say, but then, the next thing he knew, he was being kissed. At first, it was light, almost nothing, but then there was a shift and he felt the other man's lips firmly on his, causing his heart to skip a beat. His eyes fluttered close - it had been so long since anything like this had happened to him. So long.

He blinked when Giles pulled away, gazing at him for a moment. "That was..." he started to say before taking a shuddering breath. "That was more than all right. I...it's been a long time...and I...I haven't..."

He wanted more. He wanted another kiss, another touch, but he didn't know how to ask. He couldn't ask. He'd never been allowed to ask for things for himself. It was why he had lost Alex. Why he had let Melanie leave without trying to make things work long-distance.

Instead, he did the only thing he could do. He placed his hand on Giles' chest.

Giles was glad Wesley didn't push him away after the kiss. He was also glad Wesley rather liked the kiss. He wanted to kiss him again but he wanted to see what the other man did first. As Giles continued to look at Wesley, he felt his hand on his chest. Reaching down, he put his hand on Wesley's and softly squeezed it.

"I rather liked the kiss too," Giles quietly admitted.

Leaning forward, Giles pressed his lips against Wesley's again. He ran his tongue over the other man's lips and gently nudged his mouth open. Giles slipped his tongue into the other man's mouth and groaned at his taste as their tongues slid and mingled together. It was a wonderful kiss, and Giles didn't want it to end.

But, unlike some of the creatures they fought, they needed to breathe. Breaking the kiss, Giles took a couple deep breaths. He leaned forward again but stopped when there was a sharp knock on the door. Chuckling, he leaned his forehead against Wesley's. "That's probably the Chinese. The one time I didn't want them to come early, they do." He gave Wesley another quick kiss before standing from the sofa.

After answering the door, and paying for the food, Giles brought the food back into the sitting room. He sat the paper bag on the coffee table. "Would you like something to drink? I have...water," he said with a smile.

When Giles admitted to liking the kiss, Wesley felt himself relax even more. He hadn't realized that he had actually been a bit tense at the idea that he might not even have liked what they had just done himself. Looking down at their hands, he smiled.

"I'm glad," he whispered.

A moment later, he found himself being kissed again, this time more deeply. He closed his eyes again, opening his mouth to allow Giles access, groaning softly at the feel of his tongue sliding against his. It felt so nice, being kissed this way. Made him feel wanted and nowhere near as alone as he had felt when he had left the Council headquarters earlier.

When they finally parted, Wesley found himself panting slightly and his lips slightly swollen. He put his hand up to them in wonder. Despite the way thing had started between them when they had first met, he was rather quite liking the way they were going now.

It looked like Giles was going to kiss him again, but before he could, there was a knock on the door. He didn't want the other man to move away but knew he had to, watching him as he answered and paid for the food. Giles was a very handsome man, he thought. He couldn't believe that no one had snapped him up yet.

"Erm...water would be just fine, thank you," he said, looking over to the bag. The food smelled wonderful, but he didn't want to be rude, so he decided to wait until Giles was ready to eat.

When Wesley told him he wanted water, Giles nodded and went to his small kitchen. The tap water wasn't all that good so he opened his ice box and retrieved two bottles of water before setting them on the counter. He then reached up into one of the cupboards and pulled down two plates before pulling some silverware out of the drawer below. Once he had two linen napkins, Giles carried the things back to the sitting room.

"I hope bottle is all right. The water here is rather disgusting," he explained as he handed one of the bottles to Wesley. He then sat the plates and silverware beside the bag. Reaching over, he opened the bag up and pulled the containers of food out, and placed them on the table. "Help yourself."

Opening one of the containers, Giles put some noodles on his plate before opening the container with the beef. Once his plate was fixed, he unfolded his napkin and placed it on his lap. "It's been a while since I've had anyone for dinner," he said as he shook his head. "I hope I can remember proper dinner conversation."

In all honesty, the last time Giles had shared dinner with someone, it had been one of his co-workers at the museum. And, the only reason they'd had dinner together was to discuss a new exhibit. Forking some of his noodles, he took a bite and then unscrewed the cap of his water bottle. There was a slight lull in the conversation and Giles furrowed his brow, trying to think of something to say.

"Do you live here in London then, or do you live on the outskirts?" He asked as he took another bite.

While Giles disappeared into the kitchen, Wesley shifted, looking after him for a moment before turning his attention back to the room where he was sitting. He almost couldn't believe what had happened to him that day, never would have expected it. Part of him was still worried, thinking that he should just go home and let the Council do whatever they did because it was safer - and more importantly, it was by the rules.

But look where playing by the rules had got him. Used by his father, used by Travers and the others. His father never respected him, just as he obviously didn't respect Giles, so he was sure that he planned to use him, his own son, as the patsy they seemed to view Giles as. He didn't want that. He wanted to do what was right. Of course, he had thought that had been by following the rules to the letter, obeying what he was told. Now...he could see that even the ones that espoused those rules didn't follow them.

No. He didn't want to go. Besides, he really quite liked Giles. A lot, despite their antagonistic first hours together. Those kisses had been the most wonderful thing he had experienced in a long time.

"What?" Wesley asked, looking up when Giles came back with bottles of water and dinnerware. He nodded, reaching up to take the bottle. "This is fine, thank you."

At Giles' urging, he took a plate and fork before helping himself to the food that he had bought. He found himself silently agreeing with him about dinner conversation. Normally, he would go home and fix himself something if he remembered before settling in to work some more before bed. Of course, he went to the expected Council functions, but he hardly ever talked to someone there unless he was spoken to.

As he settled back onto the couch with his food, he looked over Giles, taking a bite of food as he asked his question. "I live in the Kensington district, near Notting Hill," he told him. "It's quite nice. I sometimes walk down to Portbello Road to see if I can find any antiques or books of interest at the market, but not often as usually I'm working."

He took a sip of his water and another bite of food, grateful to have something on his stomach after the scotch. It was already turning enough, given everything. "I know you must not have lived here all your life. Most Watcher families tend to live outside London in the country. May I ask where your family lived?"

"Ah, Portbello Street," Giles said as he nodded. "There use to be a lovely book shop in that area. It specialized in first editions. I do believe my father was their biggest patron since he got most of his texts from there. But, the owner died several years ago and no one wanted to take over the business. I believe there's a jewelry shop there now."

Giles took a few more bites of his food before setting his plate on the coffee table. He took another drink of water as Wesley asked his question. "Bath," he answered as he screwed the cap back onto the bottle. "It hasn't been in my family for long. My grandmother bought it a few years before my father entered the Academy. It's rather young compared to the other estates Watcher families have."

Placing the bottle on the table, Giles leaned back on the sofa and glanced at Wesley. "I'm full but go ahead and have more if you want," he said as he picked up one of the fortune cookies and looked at it. "Have you been out in the field yet? I know there was a rule when I was younger that a Watcher had to be in their third year before doing field work." He shook his head and smirked a little. "Of course they sent me out six months after I became a full-fledged Watcher because they thought I'd either get killed or get spooked enough to leave."

"The book shop must have changed over before I moved to Kensington," Wesley remarked. "I don't recall ever seeing one there like you describe though I do think I've seen the jewelry shop."

It seemed a shame to have lost a shop like that, as Wesley was sure he would have spent many hours in there, even if he was weary of touching first editions for fear of ruining them. It seemed that such small shops were becoming more and more scarce while larger stores and chains became the way. It was sad as there was just something about musty shops filled with stacks of books, looking through them to find a treasure.

He continued to eat as Giles told him where he was from, explaining that his grandmother had bought his family's estate. It was very different, as most Watcher families lived in homes that had been passed down over hundreds of years. He had been told his own family's home had been there since the middle ages - another reason he had been so fearful of touching things in certain rooms.

Somehow, living somewhere that hadn't been in the family as long - that had been chosen instead of passed down, sounded a lot more wonderful than the sort of home he'd been brought up in.

"I'm sure it's a lovely place," Wesley said with a smile.

He finished up his food and was looking longingly at what was left, thinking he hadn't had such a wonderful Chinese. He didn't want to take anymore at first, so as not to offend Giles; however, when he told him to go ahead, he sat forward and put some more on his plate.

"No, I haven't," Wesley told him as he sat back again, taking several bites of food. "Father has always been very insistent that I follow all the rules and receive no special treatment. I'm to wait until I've been a member three years before I'm asked to assist in any field work."

Glancing over at Giles, he found himself shaking his head in disbelief and amazement at what had happened to him. And yet, he was still there. Wesley was definitely starting to understand for someone to go through what Giles had been put through and still remain, he had to care about the Council's mission very much.

"You're still here, though," he told him before finishing up his food and setting the plate down. "That must mean you were--are a lot better than they give you credit for."

Giles laughed a little and shook his head. "I used magic to get myself out of trouble. The demon had gotten my weapon and was about to use it on me so I blasted him with a spell," he explained as he leaned over and started to close up the containers on the coffee table. "The board wasn't too impressed and said I was to no longer use magic within the field. I hadn't meant to use it since...well, lets just say there was a time when I allowed my magic to get away from me."

He decided Wesley didn't need to know about what he'd done in London years ago. It was something Giles rarely spoke about. It was best to keep such things to ones self since it was still a sore spot with the Council. Plus, Giles didn't know Wesley well enough to tell him all his dark secrets. Perhaps at a later time he would feel comfortable enough with talking about his past.

Standing from the sofa, Giles gathered the leftover food and plates. He took them to the kitchen and placed the food in the ice box and the dishes in the sink. Once everything was cleaned up, Giles came back out to the sitting room and sat down on the sofa again. Reaching out, he took Wesley's hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"You don't have to go home right away, do you?" he quietly asked before leaning over to give him a soft kiss.

Wesley raised his eyebrows in amazement when Giles told him how he had got himself out of trouble. Although he supposed he shouldn't have been surprised. It seemed that Giles had a history of doing things in a way contrary to how the Council had taught them to handle things. And it seemed that was the only reason he was still there.

"Sounds like they were sore more that you managed to get out alive," Wesley said, shaking his head. As he took a sip of his water, a memory came back to him. Of his father ranting about a young Council member flaunting the rules. He remembered how he had found him later that night and had "reminded" him that he was never to use magic unless it was under very specific circumstances.

When Giles got up to take everything into the kitchen, Wesley moved to help him, but he was too fast, picking up all the dinnerware and food. It didn't take him long, and soon, he had returned, sitting back down next to him and taking his hand. Wesley smiled softly. It felt nice, having someone hold his hand.

"No...no, I don't," he answered just as softly after they had shared another kiss. He looked into Giles' eyes and took a deep breath, feeling butterflies in his stomach, something that he didn't often feel. "I actually...even if I did...I don't think I'd want to go. Despite how it started, this has turned into the best evening I've had in a long time."

Giles smiled at Wesley's words. He was rather hoping the other man didn't have to leave soon. He liked having the company, plus, Wesley was quite handsome and good company. "I'm glad. I've rather liked the evening also, regardless of how things started," he said as he moved closer. "I might have to request that it's you who brings me my Council messages from now on."

He smiled at that before leaning over to softly nuzzle Wesley's neck. He then softly kissed the pulse before moving up to his ear, where he sucked on his earlobe. Moving back a little, Giles cupped Wesley's face again and deeply kissed them. As they kissed, he ran his hand down to the hem of the t-shirt Wesley was wearing. He slipped his fingers under it and softly stroked his warm skin.

Breaking the kiss, Giles stared into Wesley's eyes. They were the most beautiful color of blue he'd ever seen. "Is this all right, or would you rather me stop?" he asked as he slipped his fingers over Wesley's skin. "You feel rather nice and, in all honesty, I don't want to stop touching you. It's been so long since I've touched anyone."

He then leaned over again and nuzzled Wesley's neck again as his free hand ran over the band of his trackpants.

Giles' comment about him being the one to bring him messages from the Council made Wesley smile. "I think I'd like that. Somehow, I don't think I'd quite mind having to leave my work if it meant getting to see you," he whispered.

A moment later, he felt his lips against his neck and closed his eyes, sucking in a breath at the feel of him teasing and kissing him. His neck had always been a bit sensitive, so it made him squirm a bit before Giles turned his head so they were looking at each other. The kiss that followed was almost more insistent and passionate that the ones they had shared earlier.

Wesley felt himself melting against Giles, wanting more. He got what he wanted when the other man's hands moved under his borrowed shirt, moving across his skin, causing him to shudder slightly. Oh God, that felt so good.

"Please...don't stop," he exhaled when Giles asked him if what he was doing was okay. "I like this. I like you touching me...I haven't had...anyone touch me like this in a long time..."

As Giles' hands continued to move over him, Wesley wrapped an arm around him, rubbing his hand over his shirt and up, to tangle in his hair. Tilting his head, he sought out his lips for another kiss, feeling more bold, knowing that he wouldn't mind, not the way he was touching him.

Upon hearing Wesley's words, and then feeling his kiss, Giles groaned and smiled. He wasn't moving too fast for the other man and that made him relax. Breaking the kiss, Giles looked at Wesley for a moment and gently stroked his face. He was the most handsome man he'd ever met and he wanted to touch every inch of him, and hoped he would let him.

Reaching down, Giles pulled the borrowed t-shirt over Wesley's head and smiled. "You're quite handsome," he whispered before he leaned forward. He started to kiss Wesley's neck again and moved to the top of his shoulder. He then kissed down and softly lapped at the other man's nipple as he softly ran his fingers over the other one. Giles then kissed back up and gave Wesley a slow and deep kiss.

Pulling back a little, Giles looked at him again and wondered how far he wanted to go. It wasn't a question that he felt comfortable in asking so decided to use actions instead. With one hand cupped to Wesley's neck, Giles' free hand moved down to the top of the track pants. He ran his finger along the elastic band before sliding his hand inside.

"Is this all right?" he asked as his fingers ran over Wesley's cock. "If you don't like it, I'll stop."

Wesley sighed softly when Giles broke the kiss, his fingers caressing his face. No one had ever touched him like this, not Melanie, not Alex. It was probably the most intimate moment he had ever experienced.

Wesley shivered a little, though, as Giles took his shirt off, worried for a moment what he'd think of him. "You think...?" he responded softly in amazement. He smiled then moaned softly, feeling Giles kissing across his chest. He found himself wanting to feel Giles' skin against his, wanting to feel everything. It was almost overwhelming how much he wanted this man even though they had only known each other a short time.

Then Giles stopped what he was doing, causing Wesley to whimper slightly at the loss. He didn't want him to stop. He didn't want to lose the feelings he was creating in him.

A moment later, however, his hand slid inside his pants, down his cock. Wesley gasped at the feel of his warm hand on him and felt himself immediately starting to harden. "Oh...oh God...yes...so good. Please...more," he pleaded, his hips pressing up, needing more of his touch.

When Giles felt Wesley's cock harden under his touch, he groaned. Wrapping his fingers around it, he slowly started to stroke as his mouth found Wesley's again. The kiss was slowly and as they broke apart, a thought passed over Giles' mind. He wanted to be with the other man, but didn't want to do it there, on his sofa. Removing his hand from around Wesley's cock, Giles stood and held out his hand.

"I rather do this in my bedroom," he said as he felt himself starting to stir. He had no idea how far Wesley had gone with his former boyfriend and decided to let Wesley tell him once they were in the bedroom.

With his hand linked with Wesley's, Giles led him down the hallway and to his bedroom. He turned around and softly closed the door behind him before looking at Wesley, the light of the moon illuminating his face. "I don't want to do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable," he explained as he cupped Wesley's face. "If I do something you don't like, just tell me and I'll stop."

He took a small step back and ran his fingers over Wesley's bare chest. "You can undress me if you'd like," he said in a soft voice, wanting Wesley to take the led for the time being.

Wesley groaned against Giles lips as his hand began stroking him. Oh God, it felt so good to feel someone beside himself touching him there, making him hard and wanting. His hips slowly bucked forward, following his motions.

He could feel the pleasure building in his spine, but then Giles' hand let go of him. Wesley whimpered in protest before Giles told him he wanted to continue this in the bedroom. Nodding, he let him help him up from the couch and take him down the hall, feeling a clash of emotions - giddiness, hopefulness, fear. He had slept with Alex a few times, but it had been more than three years. He didn't know what it would be like after so long. Or even if Giles wanted to go that far. Or if he wouldn't disappoint Giles with his rather small bit of experience.

But when he looked at him in the dim light of the room, felt his hand on his face, he felt his breath catching in his throat. "All right," he whispered.

At Giles' urging, he reached up, pushing down his braces before unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it down over his shoulders. While the shirt fell to the floor, he ran his hands back up his arms. He shuddered a bit, it still seeming a bit surreal that he was here, doing this. He had never done this with someone he had just met before. At least, not a man. It had taken a while for him to get to the point where he and Alex had slept together. But this...this was different.

Leaning in to kiss him, he moved his hands down to the fly of Giles' trousers. As he tried to undo them, though, his fingers fumbled, and he found himself having problems popping the button.

"Erm...sorry," he mumbled, blushing before he finally got it open.

While Wesley started to undress him, Giles reached over and slowly stroked his neck to relax him. He didn't want to overwhelm the other man. When he got his shirt off, Giles shivered a little, especially when Wesley touched his care skin. And, when he started to toy with his trousers, Giles stood perfectly still so he could get it open.

"It's all right," he gently said when Wesley apologized for not getting the button undid right away. Once it was open, Giles helped him pull them the rest of the way down, hissing when the material rubbed over his erection. He allowed his trousers to fall to the floor before carefully stepping out of them. Giles then reached down and carefully helped Wesley out of his track pants.

He was so beautiful, standing before him, naked and hard. Giles wrapped his arms around Wesley's body and pulled him closer. He pressed his body against his and groaned when he felt the warmth of his erection against his hip. Giles deeply kissed him and when they needed air, he pulled back.

Taking Wesley's hand, he led him over to the bed and had him lay down. Giles then laid beside him and gathered him in his arms and started to kiss his neck. He then rolled Wesley onto his back and started to kiss down his chest and stomach. When he came to his cock, he slowly started to lick the tip as his finger caressed over the other man's balls.

Wesley was grateful when Giles assisted him in getting his trousers and boxers down. He sucked in a breath as he looked at him, standing there, nude. He was extremely handsome, even with the scars that across his torso. He wondered how many of those came from being in service to the Council.

He was brought out of his staring by a tugging motion at his hips and looked down to see Giles was pulling down the track bottoms. Swallowing, wondering what he would think of him, he helped him, stepping out of them before looking back up into Giles' eyes. A moment later, he was wrapped tightly in the other man's arms, being kissed. A groan escaped from his throat at the feel of him against him.

"Oh God," he exhaled. His entire body felt like it was being awakened by sensations he hadn't felt in so long. He wasn't even sure if he had actually felt them before because he had never done this before. Well, he had done this before, but not like this. It felt...not wrong at all, but clandestine. Forbidden. Wonderful.

He followed Rupert to the bed and lay down, looking at him. When Giles started to kiss down his body, he arched slightly, groaning. Then suddenly, he felt his tongue on his cock and him touching his balls, and it felt like he had been shocked by a bolt of pleasure. He gasped, almost overwhelmed, his hips thrusting forward. The need and want inside him knotted tighter, and he felt himself hungering for more, wanting to feel, wanting to lose himself in all this.

"Yes, please," he moaned, his hand flailing out to search for the other man, finding his head and tangling in his hair. "Oh God, yes."

Giles loved the noises Wesley was making. They were music to his eyes and made him want to do more. When the other man started to beg, Giles ran his tongue along the bottom of his shaft. In all honesty, Giles wasn't one to sleep with someone he barely knew but Wesley was...different. There was something about the other man that attracted Giles to him.

Pulling back a little, Giles moved to his knees and reached over to the bedside table. He wanted to make this as enjoyable as possible for Wesley. He unscrewed the cap and lubed his finger up before moving between Wesley's legs again. As he engulfed the tip of the other man's cock with his mouth, Giles gently pushed the tip of his finger into Wesley's entrance.

He waited for him to relax before pushing it in further as his mouth started to slide down Wesley's cock. Soon his finger was to the hilt and he started to slowly thrust it in and out. His mouth then slowly started to move up and down, in time with the slow thrusts. Reaching up with his free hand, Giles took Wesley's as he continued what he was doing.

When it seemed Wesley had relaxed enough, Giles carefully added another finger and continued to thrust in and out of him.

Wesley thought he was in heaven. A heaven filled with mind-spinning, overwhelming, body-buzzing pleasure. He had never thought he would ever be so bold as to allow something like this to happen so quickly with someone, but as Giles' tongue ran over his cock, he knew that this was exactly where he wanted to be.

He then felt Giles shift over him and opened his eyes, looking over to see what he was doing. He recognized what was in the container and felt himself tensing slightly.

Breath, Pryce. Breath, he told himself as Giles positions himself back between his legs. A moment later, he felt pleasure crash over him again, and then the intrusion in his body. The shock caused him to tense, and he fought against it, trying to relax, wanting to feel this.

Finally, he calmed a little and his muscles relaxed, allowing Giles to press his finger in deeper. Wesley gasped, his eyes screwing shut as his body began moving against Giles' mouth and finger, riding the pleasure that he was building in him. With each thrust, he opened up more until Giles inserted another finger.

A bolt of slight pain lanced through Wesley, and he flailed out, grabbing the duvet and fisting it tightly. "Oh, God," he moaned. He felt himself beginning to tighten again, but it wasn't a tensing of the muscles this time. It was his body pushing toward the edge, rushing along with feelings he hadn't felt in so long. He could feel himself starting to tumble, everything becoming too much.

"Giles, I'm going to...oh God, so close...so...oohhhhh...." His words trailed up and pitched up to a hoarse cry as white exploded behind his eyes and his cock began twitching violently in orgasm.

Giles continued to thrust his fingers into Wesley, glad the other man had relaxed enough for him to do so. He could taste Wesley's pre-cum on his tongue and he groaned, before started to suck harder. It'd been so long since he'd done this to anyone and knowing he was bringing Wesley pleasure, made his cock twitch and throb.

Twisting his fingers a bit, Giles pressed in further and slowed his mouth. He was a little out of practice and his cheeks were getting rather sore. But, he continued what he was doing, knowing he wanted to taste the other man. And, when he felt Wesley tense up, and heard his warning, he tightened his lips around his shaft and pushed his fingers as deep as they'd go.

Soon, Wesley was crying out and Giles groaned as his warmth flooded his mouth. He quickly swallowed it before slowly sucking up Wesley's cock. His tongue licked around the shaft, cleaning it up as he carefully removed his fingers from Wesley's entrance. Sitting up on his knees, Giles reached over and picked up a tissue and cleaned off his fingers before looking down at Wesley.

"You taste amazing? Do you ever taste yourself?" He asked before he leaned down and deeply kissed the other man, knowing he would be able to taste his own come on his tongue.

Giles then shifted, his hard cock brushing against Wesley's hip, as he laid down beside him. Propping himself up on his side, he looked at the other man and softly touched his cheek. "All right? I didn't hurt you, did I?" he quietly asked.

The orgasm was so strong that when Wesley finally stopped trembling, he collapsed back onto the bed, panting heavily. The feel of Giles' tongue still lapping at him cause several more shudders to run through him. It took a few moments for him to regain his bearings, and when he did, opening his eyes, he found Giles over him, looking down at him with those deep green eyes of his.

"No, I've never--," he breathed out before Giles brought his lips to his. Wesley groaned, tasting the salty tang. That was himself. He was actually tasting his own come on another man's tongue. The realization sent another shudder through him.

When Giles pulled back slightly, Wesley groaned, both from the everything that had just happened and the fact that he was now hypersensitive, keenly feeling Giles' erect cock touching his skin. He locked eyes with him and smiled softly at his question. No one had ever worried about like this before.

"I'm fine, and no, you didn't hurt me. There was a little pain since it's been a few years, but it was...it was worth it. It felt amazing," he told him, reaching up to gently rub his fingers across Giles' shoulder before trailing them down over his abdomen. Slowly, he wrapped his fingers around his cock and began stroking him softly, not sure how hard he would like it. "Is this okay?"

Giles was glad he hadn't hurt the other man. When Wesley said it had hurt a little because it'd been a while, Giles nodded. "It's been a while for me too and I'm rather sure it would hurt me too," he quietly said before he leaned down and softly kiss him. When Wesley started to trail his fingers down his body, Giles shuddered a little.

Suddenly, the other man's hand was wrapped around his cock and he was stroking it. Giles let out a low moan and closed his eyes. It'd been too long since anyone had touched him like that. "Yes," he breathed out as he slowly bucked forward. "Lord, Wesley, feels good." He continued to buck forward and arched his back.

He needed more, though, so he reached down and placed his hand on Wesley's. "I want you to stroke me harder," Giles explained as he tightened Wesley's grip on his cock. "Just like that." He groaned against and started to thrust forward as pleasure moved through his body. Once again, Giles hoped he wasn't being too forward with Wesley but quickly pushed it aside.

Looking down at him, Giles smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. "You're doing a lovely job, Wesley," he groaned as he continued to thrust in Wesley's grip.

For some reason, Giles admitting that it had been a long time for him too made Wesley feel better. He was worried that he wouldn't measure up to some expectation, that he wouldn't be as good as Giles thought he should be. The noises he made when he began stroking him helped too, urging him to continue and bring him the same pleasure he had felt. He wasn't sure he could go as far as Giles had, though - he had never done that sort of thing before.

Instead, he continued what he was doing until Giles pressed his hand around his, causing him to tighten his grip. Sucking in a breath, Wesley nodded, speeding his motions up a bit as well. He looked into Giles' face, marveling at the expressions on his face and the way he moved against his hand.

When Giles told him he was doing a good job, Wesley smiled. Feeling emboldened, he leaned over and kissed him deeply. He wanted to feel him come. Actually wanted to taste him the way Giles had him. Pulling back, he looked at him for a moment, then took a deep breath and shifted. Hesitantly, he leaned down and carefully licked the tip of Giles' cock as he continued to fist it in his hand.

"Yes, Wesley, so bloody good," Giles moaned as he continued to thrust forward.

There had been a time when inexperienced partners drove him mad. He had no patience to teach them and only wanted pleasure. But, as he'd gotten older, Giles had found it rather nice to be able to teach others how to touch him. Especially eager learners such as Wesley. He hadn't a clue if Wesley had done this before but he was rather good at it.

When the other man deeply kissed him, Giles moaned and started to thrust even harder. After breaking the kiss, he looked into Wesley's eyes. He was getting closer, the pleasure coiling inside of him. When Wesley shifted and moved down, Giles furrowed his brow but when he felt the other man's tongue on the tip of his cock, he hissed out in pleasure and pushed forward.

"Wesley...please..." He moaned out as he thrust forward again. His body was tingling and he knew was close. His balls tightened and he tangled his fingers in Wesley's hair. "Wesley...I'm going to come and..." Before he could finish his sentence, Giles let out a strangled cry as his orgasm racked his body.

When Wesley had been with Alex, both of them had been trying to keep their relationship secret. As a result, they had also been rather reticent when they had been together - always in the dark, usually never face to face. Alex would often bring him off by reaching around him and would enter him from behind.

This...looking into Giles' eyes, seeing the pleasure reflected there, was something Wesley had never experienced before. It sent feelings tingling through him straight down to his cock. He was still recovering, but he could feel himself slowly hardening again. Just enough to cause him to groan.

He looked up at him after licking his cock, seeing the effect that had on him, hearing the need in the other man's voice. Still not certain, though, he didn't take him into his mouth but continued to lick, swirling his tongue around the tip and down a bit while he stroked him just a bit harder.

A moment later, he heard Giles' warning and pulled up, feeling his cock jerk in his hand. He watched as several jets of come spurted out, coating his hand and Giles' cock. It was...quite beautiful, he thought. When Giles stopped twitching, he leaned down and licked up the come, moaning softly at the salty, tangy taste. It was a bit different from what he had tasted when Giles had kissed him.

Once he finished, he shifted up, lying besides Giles and seeking out his lips again, wanting to share with him the way he had earlier.

Giles continued to groan as his cock twitched and he came on Wesley's hand and his own cock. He moaned as the warmth of his come touched his skin. He looked down at Wesley and shuddered as he watched him lick up his release. It was one of the most wonderful things he'd ever seen. Most of his partners shied away from even attempting to taste him. And to have Wesley, who he barely knew, told him a lot of what sort of lover he would be.

If they ever did this again.

When Wesley moved up and kissed him, Giles groaned when he tasted himself on the other man's tongue. Breaking the kiss, he took a few deep breaths as he pressed his forehead against Wesley's forehead. "That was rather brilliant," he whispered before giving him a soft kiss. He then ran his hand down Wesley's chest and through his tight curls.

The other man's cock was semi-hard so Giles wrapped his fingers around it and slowly started to stroke. He gave Wesley another kiss and pulled back a little. "Have you ever been inside of another man, Wesley?" he asked. Giles knew he wanted to feel the other man inside of him and was willing to teach him how to do it if he needed to. And, he knew Wesley would be a wonderful student.

"This has been amazing," Wesley agreed, his heart pounding in his chest.

He had never imagined himself ever doing anything like this before. It had always seemed best to play it safe, go by the rules. That included being careful about everything, never doing something that was outside the safety of what he knew. But that night, he didn't care about the rules. He cared only about what he was experiencing, what he saw when Giles looked at him, what he felt when he touched him.

It was all about the sensations that he had buttoned down so tight that he had almost forgotten what it was like to have them. The touch, the sight, the sound, the smell, the taste. It was almost overwhelming, but at the same time, it almost didn't seem enough.

When Giles' fingers encircled his cock again, Wesley groaned and closed his eyes, feeling himself hardening even more. Then he asked his question, and Wesley's eyes flew open as he looked at him, his breath catching. For a moment, his throat tightened, making it impossible for him to answer.

What would he think when he told him. Did he want to be with someone who had been? Did he think that because Wesley had told him he had been with another man that he should have...?

"No, I...no," he managed to choke out. "I've never...Alex was...he always..."

Trailing off, he simply looked down and shook his head.

When Wesley answered his question, Giles nodded. He wasn't surprised since the other man seemed rather submissive when it came to other men. At one time, Giles would've been enthralled with it, but not anymore. Being inside of someone was an amazing experience and he wanted the man beside him to experience it also.

Reaching down, he tucked a finger under Wesley's chin and tilted his head up. He gave him a warm smile before softly kissing him. "Being inside of another man is an amazing feeling. I want you to feel that, Wesley," he quietly said as he ran his thumb over the other man's bottom lip. "Don't worry about knowing how to do it. I'll walk you through. And, you won't hurt me. I promise."

Giles pulled away and reached into the bedside table. He took out a condom before reaching down the bed for the small tube of lube he'd used earlier on Wesley. He handed both things to the other man before rolling over onto his back. "It's better if one is on their back. I know a lot of men think from behind is the best, but it isn't," he explained.

He pulled his knees up and pulled his legs apart. "First, lube up your index finger and rub it over my entrance. While you're doing that, softly stroke my balls since that'll help me relax. Then, you can slowly insert your finger. Don't push it all the way in at first. Slowly work it in," he said as he smiled at Wesley. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Wesley looked at Giles after he kissed him, listening as he told him what being inside a man was like. He couldn't actually be suggesting--he was. Giles wanted him to shag him? But he had never...how could he...what if he...?

He said he was going to tell him how, lead him through it, but Wesley wasn't sure he could do it. He never had before. Well, of course he'd been with Melanie, but that was different. This was totally different. Giles obviously had experience with this sort of thing, and he...didn't.

"Are...are you sure?" he asked as Giles pressed the condom and lube into his hand. "I don't want you to think...if I'm not good enough..."

But he could see from the expression in the other man's eyes that he wanted this - he wanted Wesley to be inside him. Taking a deep breath, he set the condom beside him on the bed, watching Giles as he positioned himself on his back, opening himself up to him. Wesley groaned softly at the sight as his cock throbbed slightly. He could feel the need knotting inside him again.

Unscrewing the cap on the lube, he squirted some of his finger, then leaned over, doing as Giles told him and rubbing his finger around the rim of Giles' anal opening. With his other hand, he stroked over his balls, trying not to show how nervous he was. He didn't think he'd be able to take it if he hurt this man. Not after everything that had happened between them. Looking up at him, he slowly began pressed his finger inside him, moving a bit at a time, waiting until he felt the opening give way to the intrusion.

"Tell me if I hurt you, please," he whispered softly. He continued pushing his finger in, amazed at how warm and tight it felt, imagining what it would feel like around his cock. "Is this okay?"

Giles kept his eyes on Wesley and nodded his head. "I want you to do this to me, Wesley," he told him. "You'll do fine. Just take a couple deep breaths. It'll be all right." He watched as Wesley lubed his finger as instructed and sucked in a breath when he pressed the finger against his opening. "Don't worry. It's just a bit cold. It'll warm up soon."

Reaching down, he softly ran his fingers through Wesley's hair as the other man pressed his finger inside of him. He closed his eyes and willed his body to relax. Giles could feel his cock starting to harden again from the excitement of teaching Wesley how to be with a man. Plus, his soft fingers on his balls was driving him mad.

Once Wesley had his finger all the way in, Giles urged him to move it around to stretch him. "You're doing a wonderful job, Wesley," he moaned. "It feels bloody brilliant." He pushed his eyes open and looked down at Wesley and smiled. He continued to move his fingers through the other man's hair and shuddered.

"Now, add another finger. Do it like you did with the first one. Nice and slow. And once I'm relaxed enough, move them around to stretch me out more. By then I'll be ready for you to be inside of me," he explained as he gave him an encouraging look.

Wesley shuddered a bit as Giles' fingers carted through his hair he pressed his finger inside him. He was still worried that he was going to somehow going to disappoint him, but the gentle caress was reassuring. His eyes flicked back and forth from his face to what he was doing, and he could see Giles' cock hardening again at what he was doing.

Perhaps he was doing this right.

Still, he was careful as he started thrusting his finger in and out of Giles, stretching him out and opening him up. He could feel him loosening up a bit and found his finger moving more easily with each stroke. When Giles told him to add another finger, he reached for the lube and put a little more on before slowly working his second finger in. He didn't realize he had been holding his breath until he had both fingers in to the hilt.

"Like this?" he asked, scissoring his fingers apart. He was trying to remember what Alex had done to prepare him the times they had shagged though it was a bit difficult since he hadn't been able to see what he had been doing. But he remembered some of the sensations and hoped he was doing the right thing. Rotating his fingers, he alternated between thrusting them in and out and spreading them apart.

Giles took in a sharp breath when Wesley added another finger. He had to remind himself to relax. Once he did, the pain subsided and he was able to enjoy what Wesley was doing to him. And, he was rather enjoying it a lot. He didn't understand why the other man had been so afraid to do this. He was rather good at it, and it almost as if he'd been doing it for most of his adult life. Perhaps he was a natural.

Suddenly, Wesley was to his hilt with his fingers and Giles groaned. His cock twitched a bit and he looked down at the other man. "You're just fine," he whispered before he arched his hips and let out another groan. He then shuddered a little when Wesley scissor his fingers out. The sensations were becoming too much and Giles knew he was ready.

"Remove your fingers now and put the condom on," Giles instructed. He was rather sure Wesley didn't need to be told how to put one on so he didn't say a word. "Once you have it on, slowly pushed yourself into me like you did with your fingers. Once you're to my hilt, wait a minute or so to let me adjust then you can start moving."

Giles looked down at him and cupped his face. "Don't wait for me to tell you when to start moving. You'll know when. And, don't be afraid of hurting me. If you do, I'll tell you," he said.

Wesley could Giles moving against his fingers as he prepared him, and it caused him to swallow hard as he began thinking about what it would be like to have him doing that while he was inside him. It was a seductive thought, knowing that he would be causing him pleasure. Even though it still scared him a bit.

When Giles told him to pull his fingers out, Wesley did, reaching for the condom with a slightly unsteady hand. Carefully, he tore open the packet and rolled the condom onto his cock, taking several breaths to try to keep himself under control. He could this, he kept telling himself. Giles wanted him, and he wanted him to do this. He wanted to do this.

Once he was ready, he moved up between Giles' legs, taking hold of his hips and placing the tip of his cock at the other man's opening. He looked down into his eyes as Giles cupped his face and nodded. He didn't want to hurt him, though. He didn't want to disappoint him.

Finally, though, the need overwhelmed his fear, and he slowly pushed his hips forward, pressing his cock into Giles. There was some resistance at first, which caused Wesley to grimace and pull back. After a moment, he tried again, feeling the muscles relax and the tip pop into him. He stopped for a moment, fighting against his panic that he might be doing this wrong, then continued sliding into him, inch by inch until finally he was all the way in him.

Exhaling sharply, Wesley looked down where they were joined, amazed at the sight of himself buried inside this unbelievable man he had just so recently met. He was--oh God, he was so tight and warm, and it was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

He felt Giles adjust to him being inside him just like he had said, and after several moments, he could feel the need to move, the need for friction, overtaking him. Unable to hold back, he started thrusting into him with short, careful movements.

When Wesley first tired to push into him, Giles automatically tensed up. He willed himself to relax and looked up at the other man. He slightly nodded and soon he felt the tip of Wesley's head pop inside of him. Reaching up, he started to caress Wesley's arms to urge him to go deeper. And once he was all the way in, Giles closed his eyes.

Once Wesley started to move inside of him, Giles groaned and forced his eyes open. Looking up at him, he pulled him down and deeply kissed him. He kept Wesley close to him, moaning when his cock got caught between their stomachs. He arched up his hips, moaning each time Wesley moved in him. It was the most wonderful thing he'd felt in a long time.

"You can move faster," he whispered in Wesley's ear as he wrapped his arms around his back. Giles knew he wasn't going to last much longer and he pressed himself against the bed. "So bloody good, Wesley." He arched his hips again, groaning at the friction the other man was causing against his cock.

Soon, Giles was skating the edge and he wanted that more than to fall over it. He urged the other man to thrust harder as a sheen of sweat started to cover his body. "God..." he moaned just as everything inside of him exploded. He let out a loud cry as he came, his cock twitching between them.